Specialist Surface Repairers in and around Devon and Cornwall

From hard surface repairs to worktop repairs, our specialist team in Plymouth have got you covered. Surfaces get damaged on a day-to-day basis, whether by falling objects or foot traffic. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help, serving clients throughout Devon, Cornwall, and the surrounding areas. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team, who work hard to restore your property to the best possible condition.

Surface Repairs

Our surface repair specialists work in and around the home and on hotels, building sites, caravan parks, leisure centres, schools, or anywhere else where refurbishments, rebuilds, or new builds are taking place. Relishing a challenge, we have performed countless household repairs, and even sprayed a life-size giraffe gold for a competition at the Hampton Court Flower Show 2014.

If you require our services, all you have to do is ask! With a wealth of experience, we repair a huge variety of surfaces, including:

  • Floor and Wall Tiles
  • Basins
  • Baths
  • Toilets
  • Curtain Walling
  • Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Aluminium Cills
  • Cabinets

  • Cladding

  • Doors

  • Panelling

  • Racking

  • Screening

  • Shelving

  • Window Frames

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Cills
  • Fibreglass Surfaces
  • Meter Boxes
  • Fascias
  • Baths
  • Canopies
  • Cills
  • Cladding
  • Conservatories
  • Doors
  • Mouldings
  • Shower Pods
  • Shower Trays
  • Washroom Systems
  • Window Frames
  • Baths
  • Shower Trays
  • Kitchen Cupboard Doors
  • Worktops
  • Flooring
  • White Goods

Hard Surface Repairs

For internal doors, wood is still the favourite material of most manufacturers. Attractive and easy to work with, wood looks great when finished and comes in a wide variety of styles. Unfortunately, it’s also quite easily damaged during the build process. Dents and scratches plague even hardwood doors, whether from foot traffic or falling objects.

At Scratchperfect Ltd, we favour repairing damaged doors and surfaces rather than replacing them, as it is the more cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Offering excellent hard surface repairs, we make sure your repaired wooden doors look visually appealing when completed. More reliable than DIY solutions, our professional services are backed by years of experience.

First, we will fill in the damaged area with proprietary filler and then rub it down to match the original surface level. Next, we precisely replicate the colour, and then the grain of your surface, including any knots, so as to avoid looking visually jarring. Taking care in everything we do, this ensures that we deliver a perfect finish, every time.

Worktop Repairs

The function of our home kitchens has expanded along with our homes over the past few generations, with homeowners becoming keener to express themselves through the design of their kitchen. Keeping your perfect kitchen in order, we provide complete repairs for your kitchen worktops, removing any damage incurred.

Starting with an initial assessment, we are able to address all dents, scratches, burns with ease. Using a variety of techniques, we adapt our repairs for a wide range of materials, including:

Timber                          Metal                         Laminates
Glass                            Stone

Rather than do it yourself, enlist our skilled technicians to make your kitchen look as good as new. Whether you need scratches or dents sanding down, no job is too big or too small for our friendly and professional team.

uPVC Repairs

Especially popular for doors, cladding, and baths, uPVC is a very versatile material, made using by-products from the petroleum industry and salt. Given its popularity, we are committed to repairing and restoring these surfaces,  avoiding the cost and energy-intensive disposal that goes with replacing them.

Our skilled team are able to repair any kind of damage to uPVC surfaces, from minor scratches and dents to distortions, punctures, and burns. Dents and scratches are usually caused by sharp objects glancing or falling on a surface, leaving an unappealing mark.

uPVC usually comes in white, although we are now seeing different colours being used. Colour matching is very important when carrying out repairs. Our technicians can mix up colours on site using their skills and knowledge to ensure a perfect colour match. After a final polish, the repair looks good as new. That’s Perfect… That’s Scratch Perfect!

Flooring Repairs

Wooden and laminate floors often suffer from scratches, dents, and chips, whether it’s from moving furniture or dropping sharp objects. Rather than replace a whole section of flooring, which would be expensive and inconvenient, our skilled team will repair flooring damage for you, watching the colour and grain effect to create a seamless finish. Laminate flooring isn’t an issue for our experienced technicians, as similar methods are required for both types of flooring.

Scratch Repairs

Whether you’ve scratched wooden flooring, a worktop, or another surface, the end result is an unappealing mark that you can’t cover up. Turn to our team to help you repair all kinds of damage to a wide variety of surfaces, including uPVC, wood and laminate, and ceramics. From small marks to large scratches, no job is too big or too small for our experienced tradesmen. We’re always happy to help restore your home to perfect condition.

Bath Repairs

It’s important to repair chips, cracks, or any other damage to baths, not only because they are unsightly but also because they gather harmful bacteria. Luckily, our experienced team specialises in bath repairs. Count on us to restore any bath to its former glory, saving you the cost and hassle of having to replace it. If you don’t want a complete bath repair, we also offer bath cleaning and polishing.

Working quickly and efficiently, our technicians easily rectify these problems, creating a perfect result with no loss of colour or finish. Maintaining high standards in all our work, we use the best materials to achieve a colour match and a deep gloss finish. All our services are fully guaranteed, and work will be completed within a few hours. We always leave the site clean and tidy, enabling you to use your bath the following day.

We repair all kinds of baths, including:

Antique Bath Tu        Cast Iron Bath Tubs         Enamel Bath Tubs
Acrylic Baths          Pressed Steel Baths

During the repair process, the bath is thoroughly cleaned, using special degreasing and decalcifying chemicals. The surface is then treated with an industrial grinding process to provide a good bonding key. Any damaged areas are repaired and finished, and the surrounding area and bath fittings are masked. After the process of infrared heat treatment, the bath is then polished and buffed to a high shine.

Powder Coated Window Repairs

Subject to an initial inspection, we are confident in our ability to restore any powder coated window. Considered more environmentally friendly than liquid paints, powder coatings have been used extensively since the 1960s. When it comes to windows, these coatings may become dull over time as a result of never being cleaned. While routine cleaning is very important, it is accepted that the design of the building sometimes makes this difficult, particularly for high-rise buildings. With our help, your windows will be re-coated and repaired to ensure they are in their best condition.

Shower Tray Repairs

We carry out repairs on GRP and Acrylics shower trays. Working quickly and efficiently, our technicians easily rectify problems, creating a perfect result with no loss of colour or finish. Maintaining high standards in all our work, we use the best materials to achieve a colour match and a deep gloss finish. All our services are fully guaranteed, and work will be completed within a few hours. We always leave the site clean and tidy, enabling you to use your shower the following day.
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