Hard Surface Repairs

For internal doors, wood is still the favourite material of most manufacturers. Attractive and easy to work with, wood looks great when finished and comes in a wide variety of styles. Unfortunately, it’s also quite easily damaged during the build process. Dents and scratches plague even hardwood doors, whether from foot traffic or falling objects.

At Scratchperfect Ltd, we favour repairing damaged doors and surfaces rather than replacing them, as it is the more cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Offering excellent hard surface repairs, we make sure your repaired wooden doors look visually appealing when completed. More reliable than DIY solutions, our professional services are backed by years of experience.

First, we will fill in the damaged area with proprietary filler and then rub it down to match the original surface level. Next, we precisely replicate the colour, and then the grain of your surface, including any knots, so as to avoid looking visually jarring. Taking care in everything we do, this ensures that we deliver a perfect finish, every time.