uPVC Repairs

Especially popular for doors, cladding, and baths, uPVC is a very versatile material, made using by-products from the petroleum industry and salt. Given its popularity, we are committed to repairing and restoring these surfaces, avoiding the cost and energy-intensive disposal that goes with replacing them.

Our skilled team are able to repair any kind of damage to uPVC surfaces, from minor scratches and dents to distortions, punctures, and burns. Dents and scratches are usually caused by sharp objects glancing or falling on a surface, leaving an unappealing mark.

uPVC usually comes in white, although we are now seeing different colours being used. Colour matching is very important when carrying out repairs. Our technicians can mix up colours on site using their skills and knowledge to ensure a perfect colour match. After a final polish, the repair looks good as new. That’s Perfect… That’s Scratch Perfect!